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1 0.51 ms
SELECT `creation_timestamp`
            FROM `migration`
            WHERE `update` IS NOT NULL AND `update_destructive` IS NULL
2 0.33 ms
SET @@group_concat_max_len = CAST(IF(@@group_concat_max_len > 320000, @@group_concat_max_len, 320000) AS UNSIGNED);SET sql_mode=(SELECT REPLACE(@@sql_mode,'ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY',''))
3 0.83 ms
SELECT CONCAT(TRIM(TRAILING '/' FROM domain.url), '/') `key`, CONCAT(TRIM(TRAILING '/' FROM domain.url), '/') url, LOWER(HEX( id, LOWER(HEX( salesChannelId, LOWER(HEX(sales_channel.type_id)) typeId, LOWER(HEX(domain.snippet_set_id)) snippetSetId, LOWER(HEX(domain.currency_id)) currencyId, LOWER(HEX(domain.language_id)) languageId, LOWER(HEX( themeId, sales_channel.maintenance maintenance, sales_channel.maintenance_ip_whitelist maintenanceIpWhitelist, snippet_set.iso as locale, theme.technical_name as themeName, parentTheme.technical_name as parentThemeName FROM sales_channel INNER JOIN sales_channel_domain domain ON domain.sales_channel_id = LEFT JOIN theme_sales_channel theme_sales_channel ON = theme_sales_channel.sales_channel_id INNER JOIN snippet_set snippet_set ON = domain.snippet_set_id LEFT JOIN theme theme ON theme_sales_channel.theme_id = LEFT JOIN theme parentTheme ON theme.parent_theme_id = WHERE (sales_channel.type_id = UNHEX(:typeId)) AND (
4 0.50 ms
# seo-url::resolve
SELECT id, path_info pathInfo, is_canonical isCanonical FROM seo_url WHERE (language_id = :language_id) AND ((sales_channel_id = :sales_channel_id OR sales_channel_id IS NULL)) AND (seo_path_info = :seoPath) ORDER BY seo_path_info ASC, sales_channel_id IS NULL ASC LIMIT 1
5 0.42 ms
SELECT path_info pathInfo, seo_path_info seoPathInfo FROM seo_url WHERE (language_id = :language_id) AND (sales_channel_id = :sales_channel_id) AND (id != :id) AND (path_info = :pathInfo) AND (is_canonical = 1) LIMIT 1
6 0.44 ms
SELECT configuration_key, configuration_value FROM system_config WHERE sales_channel_id IS NULL ORDER BY sales_channel_id ASC

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